One Year Later: Writers of the Future Vol. 29

Marina J. Lostetter:

Reblogging Alisa Alering’s Writers of the Future vol. 29 roundup post. Thanks for putting it together, Alisa!

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Writers of the Future 2013

Writers of the Future Vol. 29, writer and illustrator winners and judges, Los Angeles, April 2013

This time last year, 13 writers from around the country headed to Los Angeles to take part in the Writers of the Future workshop and awards ceremony. For many, this was their first professional publication. We bonded, we hung upon the wise words of workshop leaders Tim Powers and David Farland. We wrote a 24-hour story. We ate perhaps a smidge too much greasy food. But that was 12 long months ago, and the question arises: What have they been doing since then? Are these really the writers of the future?


Several stories from Writers of the Future Vol. 29 were featured in the Tangent Online Recommended Readings List for 2013 (“Master Belladino’s Mask,” “Cop for a Day,” “The Ghost Wife of Arlington,” “Dreameater,” “Planetary Scouts,” “Twelve Seconds,” and “The Grande Complication.”…

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Winners Announced for this year’s Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest


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I’m a bit late in posting this, but…

2014 Winners:

“Low Arc” by Sean Monaghan

“Balance” by Marina J. Lostetter

“Wind Shear” by Angus McIntyre

Congrats to Sean and Angus! I’m honored to share the podium with you.


2014 Campbellian Anthology Reminder

Are you eligible to nominate an author for the Campbell award? Or are you just looking for some great free fiction?

Either way, I hope you’ll download the 2014 Campbellian Anthology.

The John W. Campbell award is given out each year during the Hugo Awards, honoring the best new writer in science fiction and fantasy. Like the Hugos, nomination and voting is open to those who have bought admission for this year’s WorldCon, next year’s WorldCon, those who attended last year’s WorldCon, and those who have bought supporting memberships.

This anthology was created in order to make sure those who could nominate were aware of as many nominees and their work as possible. I, like many others, am proud to be represented in the showcase. The collection is massive– comprised of hundreds of thousands of words of free fiction. Most of the stories and excerpts were previously published at professional and highly acclaimed venues.

So, check it out! It’s only available for a limited time.

ETA: For more information about the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer, and to find a list of some of the eligible authors, please visit Writertopia’s Campbell Award page.


P.S. If you are following the Star Citizen serial, we’re now up to part five. You can find all of the previous parts by visiting the Spectrum Dispatch.

Elsa’s Spheres out in IGMS Issue 37


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I’m proud to announce that my story, “Elsa’s Spheres” is the cover story for Intergalactic Medicine Show’s 37th issue.

The story was inspired by the stone spheres of Costa Rica, and my trip to Caño Island.

Here’s an excerpt:

They first noticed small Spheres near their feet, softball to basketball sized. Larger ones appeared as they walked deeper into the heart of the island. Elsa trembled with giddiness.

The Spheres were made of granite, painted over with a lime-wash. Their color and shape made them stand out in harsh contrast to the organic lines and tones of the environment.

Elsa found one that loomed a foot above her. Tentatively, she touched the stone. “It’s vibrating, deep inside,” she said with wonder. She wrapped her arms around the perfect globe as far as she could reach. “It’s amazing.”

Amir could see in her eyes what this visit meant to her. She was making a connection to the stones on a personal level — it went deeper than her love of geology or the uniqueness of the experience. There was something spiritual to the way she embraced the stone.

A pair of tourists walked by and she let go, stepping back from the stone as if she’d been caught in a private moment with a lover.

The story is accompanied by this beautiful illustration, created by R.L. Carter (credited on IGMS as Eugene Carter):
Elsas Spheres by Eugene Carter

Happy reading!


Waylines Magazine Needs Your Help!


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As you probably know, I am a first reader for Waylines Magazine. We’ve got a Kickstarter up for our second year, and would be grateful for any help you could give.

Waylines is unique among speculative fiction magazines in that it is multi-media focused. Every issue brings you short stories, interviews, short films, and now, poetry. Also, the goal from the beginning has been to become an SFWA qualifying market, so the aim is to make sure the pay will continue to be professionally competitive even after the qualification changes coming later this year.

If you’ve enjoyed magazine, please consider donating. And please spread the word. Our campaign page can be found here: Waylines Magazine Year Two.

Help us stick around to keep providing you great spec-fic content in the year to come!

Thanks, all.

And again, if nothing else, we’d really appreciate a signal boost–Tweet, blog, post to FB.

Hope everyone’s January is treating them well.


Two New Releases


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Hi everyone!  Hope your holiday season was very cheery and not too cold.

The first release announcement is for Galaxy’s Edge issue 6.  It contains my quirky little story, “Imma Gonna Finish You Off,” alongside work by my WotF classmates, Tina Gower and Brian Trent.  I think it’s worth checking out the issue just for the chance to read the reprint of Kij Johnson’s “26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss.”

The second announcement is for the IGMS Big Book of SF Novelettes. Featuring stories by award-winning authors including Orson Scott Card, Wayne Wightman, Aliette de Bodard, Eric James Stone, Mary Robinette Kowal, Stephen Kotowych, Jackie oGamber, Greg Siewert, Jamie Todd Rubin, Brad Torgersen… and me. 

Check ‘em out!


Congrats WotF Vol. 30 Winners!


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Now that all of the writer winners have been announced, I just want to send my congratulations.  You will have a fantastic time during the workshop week.  I highly encourage you all to get to know each other a bit before you go, so that you can form a stronger bond once you arrive.  Last year, we all banded together, and as a result have formed a wonderful support group.  Your fellow winners are your peers and colleagues.  The connections you form today will be essential for tomorrow.

If any of the winners have not yet done so, please consider joining the Writers of the Future forum (this goes for illustrators as well!)–it’s a great place to chat with your fellow entrants.

And for those of you still entering the contest–don’t give up!  Keep writing, keep submitting, and keep growing.



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