Good morning,

Or afternoon or evening, depending on your current local.

Wanted to pop in today to point out the brand-new blogroll over there to the left of the page.  If you haven’t encountered any of these writers or illustrators before I suggest you take the time to peek at their sites. 

The blogroll, like this blog and my as-of-yet unpublished official website, is a work in progress.  As I make new writing acquaintances, more links will go up.

If you’re on my blogroll and see a mistake, please let me know.  I might have put initials where some of you prefer your full name, or misspelled something, or the link may be wrong.  And, of course, if you prefer I take the link down, I’ll be happy to do so.

There are several people I would like to add to the list who don’t appear to have websites.  Get with the program, you!  I’m looking to promote your webpage, and I can’t do that if it doesn’t exist.

That’s about it for now.  I plan on posting something every Wednesday, as my stats are still showing Thursday as the highest trafficked day.

On another note, who’s still in for Writers of the Future Q4 2011?  Anyone struggling with Q1? 



Published by Marina J. Lostetter

Writer and Illustrator of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

4 thoughts on “Blogroll!

  1. Hey Marina 🙂 Thanks for the link!

    I’m in for Q4. Tried something new, so it’s probably just going to get rejected. But hey, I had to try it! Still working on my Q1 story. It’s got some issues I’m trying to sort through. What about you?

    1. You’re welcome. 🙂

      Yep, still in for Q4. I had two stories around the Q4 deadline that I felt were appropriate for the contest, and had to pick between the two. If I don’t write something better between now and the Q1 deadline I might send the Q4 “runner-up,” provided it’s not at another market.

  2. Wow, you’ve got a lot on your blogroll. I’ll have to check more of them out. Thanks for the link!

    I haven’t gotten a rejection for Q4 yet, but who knows what that means. I don’t actually submit every quarter, just when I have an appropriate story that needs somewhere to submit to.

    Somebody local to the Denver area won last year, and I met him at a convention this past weekend. In retrospect, I should have asked him more questions. I have his email though, so I can always bug him that way.

    1. Yeah, they’ve moved to rejecting stories once they’ve been read, instead of waiting until everything’s finished to send out the results, which just makes us want to perform rejectomancy, doesn’t it?

      I try to enter every quarter, even though I don’t always have an appropriate story handy. For us newbies they give us the biggest bang-for-our-buck, so to speak, so they’re definitely one of my top markets.

      I’ll have to go back through the book and see if I can spot who you’re talking about.

      I’m horrible at asking questions. I know there are a lot of questions I probably should ask when I get time with writers, but none seem to come to mind.

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