Happy Halloween 2011

I love costumes.  If it were socially acceptable to do so, I’d wear them out on a regular basis.  So, logically, I adore Halloween.

Halloween comes early for me these days.  My husband’s office party is usually the Friday before the holiday, so everything I need is rearing to go by the time Halloween actually gets here. 

This year we went as steampunk pirates (or cowboys…my husband told it differently each time), and unofficially won the costume contest (we pick out all the contest prizes, so we pull ourselves from eligibility.  We can’t technically win, but people vote for us anyway).

There’s also a pumpkin carving contest.  I made myself a steampunk pumpkin–complete with metal parts, goggles, and copper enamel–and came in 3rd

Yesterday we did some more pumpkin carving, and my brother took part.  Below are a few photos of the results (office party pumpkins included).

Steampunk Pumpkin

Steampunk pumpkin in daylight.  Looks like a normal Jack-o-Lantern in the dark.

All the Pumpkins

All the pretty pumpkins.  From left to right, top row:  My brother’s lantern on a stick and his Heartless.  Left to right, bottom row: My steampunk pumpkin, my husband’s ghost, my t-rex, my husband’s cowboy skull, and my brother’s screw head (it’s got a bunch of rusty nails sticking out of it).



Lantern  Light Play

Lantern light-play on the wall.

So, what are your favorite parts of Halloween?


P.S.  Just in case you were wondering, my previous post meant I’ll at least post on Wednesdays, not only on Wednesdays. 


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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2011

  1. This year, I’m loving the fact that my son is old enough to love the holiday. I tried to carve Thomas the Train on a pumpkin while my son painted several, and stuck pipe cleaners into another. I think it’s recognizable as a train, though not necessarily Thomas. I love your pumpkins–you guys have got the art down quite well. (Mine never turn out nearly as good as I plan.)

    When I was in high school, I turned my parents’ garage into a haunted houes for Halloween night, and it was a blast. Unfortunately, I have not been in a proper neighborhood for that, nor had enough nearby friends who would participate, to do that since adulthood. Plus, now I want to take my kids out anyway. But maybe someday I’ll start doing that again.

    Happy Halloween!

    • All of that sounds like so much fun. There are always little ones at the Halloween party, so they’ve got their own pumpkin decorating (which sounds a lot like what you do with your son), and then they get a cake walk and a candy hunt, too.

      The garage-as-haunted-house sounds awesome! That must have been a blast. Great idea for a before-Halloween party, too.

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