Pre-Holiday Post

This is a pre-holiday post, because I don’t think I’ll be hanging around the blog-o-sphere come the 24th and 25th

In my household we’re Christmas people.  Tree, lights, stockings, all the usual trappings.  It’s a celebratory time, but not a religious time. 

But for other people, it’s different.  And that’s fascinating.  The end of the year has carried great meaning for people throughout millennia.  No other time seems quite so universally filled with celebration–of all kinds. 

So, what do you celebrate?  Is this the time for reflection and solemnity, or festivity and indulgence?  Are there special traditions your family or country practices that you know are very different from the traditions others hold? 

There were two “traditions” my family had when I was a child that were different from all the other families I knew growing up.  First, we used to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, at my grandparent’s.  We opened all of our presents that night after dinner, but received our stockings on Christmas morning. 

Second, my brother and I played Santa.   We were always told that Santa was a game–a game a lot of kids took seriously, so we weren’t to spoil it for them (and we never did). 

Ok, your turn!



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2 thoughts on “Pre-Holiday Post

  1. Our only unique tradition is we don’t open our stockings until after Christmas. We put 7 small presents in each stocking, and then for the week following Christmas we each open one each day. That way the holiday is spread out a little more. It started when I was a kid and my mom forgot she’d hidden some small Care Bears in my stocking.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

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