Writers of the Future Q4: Finalists and Semis Announced

I’m so glad I can finally beak my silence.

Of course, I’ve been dropping not-so-subtle hints here and there, but now I can say it outright:

I’m a finalist again in the Writers of the Future contest!

And though I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, I’d really like to win.  And not just because of all the great rewards that come with winning, but because there are so many new writers and illustrators who have already won (and potentially could win–fellow finalists) that I’d like to meet.

Writing can be an awfully solitary profession at times (and don’t get me wrong, that’s one of the things I love about it), so there are rare opportunities, barring online communities, to make real connections with people who are going through the same things you are.  Online communities are wonderful–and the WotF forum is one of the best around–but sometimes they are poor substitutes for real life.

WotF provides a great professional environment in which to get to know people.  So I’m hoping I can go to the workshop and forge some solid connections.  

And those are strong words coming from and introvert like me.

And then, of course, I’d like to be published, and get paid, and get one-on-one lessons from the pros, and all that other good stuff.  Ah, wouldn’t it be nice?

Hey, I need to do a workshop this year, it’s one of my goals.  Why not the WotF workshop?

But, we’ll see.  My chickens haven’t hatched just yet. 

Congrats to all of the other finalists, and all of you who made semi, silver, and HM!  Keep writing, keep submitting–keep going!


P.S.  Because this is a big announcement for me, this post counts as my Wednesday post.

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12 thoughts on “Writers of the Future Q4: Finalists and Semis Announced

  1. Ethan says:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome. Good luck.

  2. Ooh, jealous! Congratulations! I hope you make it.

  3. Tom Wells says:

    Wow! Finalist! That is awesome. I get the introvert part big time. It is one of the funny things about being this kind of a writer. You’re introverted, which has you living stories inside your head until they have to be written, but you have to put yourself out there somewhere if you want those stories to be read, which is a very contrary extrovert act. You want to know that other people like your stories, but your introvert nature makes putting things out harder.

    But you are a finalist in a contest that has produced some of the best writers out there so you have a big bump in confidence in your writing. Congratulations! Let’s hope you go strait to the top! And then what? Do you go for the double prize in illustration?

    • You hit it on the nose. The business side of any industry really requires a lot of personal interaction. It’s tough, but if we want to go anywhere with our work we’ve got to get out there and make connections.

      And thanks. Hopefully the story will go all the way, and then, yep, I’ll probably try to go for the double win. But, proing out on the illustrator’s side is “easier” than proing out on the writer’s side. There are a whole lot more ways you can DQ yourself (since there’s no SFWA guidelines or the equivalent to adhere to).

  4. Congratulations, Marina! Good luck!

  5. A somewhat belated “woot!” is in order, I think. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

    • Aw, thanks. But, unfortunately I’ve already gotten my second phone call, and it wasn’t quite as full of good news as the first. But I’m still hoping for a pubbed-finalist position, so we’ll see.

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