Just a Quicky

Just a quick post.  I have no real news and nothing to talk about, but it’s Wednesday… So I gotta post something.

So here’s Wednesday, brought to you by dictionary.com:


  /ˈwɛnzdeɪ, -di/ [wenz-dey, -dee] noun
the fourth day of the week, following Tuesday.

before 950; Middle English Wednesdai, Old English *Wēdnesdæg,  mutated variant of Wōdnesdæg  Woden’s day; cognate with Dutch Woensdag, Danish onsdag;  translation of Latin Mercuriī diēs  day of Mercury.


2 thoughts on “Just a Quicky

  1. D.M. Bonanno says:

    We recently had to explain to our five-year-old that Wednesday was not spelled Wensday…. word origins are downright wacky.

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