Warehouse 13–A Freaking Awesome Show

Yes, not just awesome, freaking awesome.  Today I’m going a little fan-geek with my blog post, because I think this is an awesome show and it’s getting overlooked (fandom-wise for sure — where’s all my Warehouse 13 geekery on Etsy, eh?).

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s basically Indiana Jones meets The X-Files.  How can that not be cool?

The main characters are agents from various government agencies assigned to work at a mysterious warehouse in South Dakota.  A warehouse that stores the worlds weirdest, most dangerous, and distinctly “magical” items (yes, magical in quotations due to the use of “science” in the show.  Know how most steampunk is basically magic based on scientific principle?  Yeah, that).

The best things about the show are its characters and its inventiveness.  There’s no getting around how real the characters feel.  They are flawed and funny and toe the line on some stereotypes while flouncing others (much like real people).  The writers are great at connecting with the audience on fundamental levels.

The show is also wonderfully creative when it comes to what the artifacts are and what they do.  When giving a person or an item a special power it’s easy to fall into super-hero tropes.  I call that X-men syndrome.  You know, where one person walks through walls and another flies and one shoots fire and one shoots ice and you just go down the line of tried and tired “abilities.”  This show doesn’t do that.  Occasionally the properties of an item are easy to guess, but most of the time they aren’t.  Most of the time they’re very unique, intriguing, and unexpected.  For me, this adds a fun guessing-game aspect to viewing.  What is the artifact?  Who did it belong to?  What can it do?

Like most shows, it’s not all perfect prose and well acted drama.  The show’s main flaw is its weapon-related plot holes.  X-Files had this problem too.  Remember how often Mulder lost his gun?  Pete’s got the same problem.  Also, the warehouse agents carry non-lethal weaponry a majority of the time — so it’s painfully obvious that when they fail to fire it’s not because that’s the practical move, but because if they neutralized the bad-guy the plot wouldn’t go the way the writers want.  Luckily the writing is so good in other aspects, I as a consumer can overlook the problem (I as a writer want to wring someone’s neck for putting flaws where flaws need not be, but such is life).

The show plays Monday nights on the Syfy Channel at 9pm (Eastern Standard time, I believe), and we are currently in season four.  If you have Netflix you can catch the first few seasons there.

Hope you’ll give the show a chance!

How about you?  Are there any shows you love that you feel are under appreciated?


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