Writers of the Future and Blog Comments

It has been brought to my attention that though I talk a lot about the Writers and Illustrators of the future contests, and link to related things, I don’t often (if ever) link directly to the contest. Which is not particularly helpful if you’re new to this stuff and don’t know where to enter. So, here you go:


There you can find the rules for both contests, the submission addresses for both contests, and the electronic submission pages for both contests. Not to mention lots of info on the judges and the contests’ history.

I’ll go back an add the link to a few more of my previous WotF related posts as well.

Ok, on to the second topic at hand: the comments section of my blog.

Most spam is easy to recognize as such, and WordPress’ widgets do a great job of identifying most of it. But, occasionally, the system flags something that I’m not quite sure is spam. It could be, but it could not be. In those cases, I will un-flag the comment, but I will also remove any links connected to the comment or the user who posted. That way a voice gets heard that might otherwise have been squashed, but I also protect my visitors from nefarious posters.

So, if you’ve never commented on my blog before, please do your best to make sure your comment is somehow directly related to the post. That’s the easiest way for me to tell if you’re a real person, or a bot of some kind.

Thanks all! I’ll be taking another short hiatus here, just until after the New Year (though I might post on the 22nd or 23rd, just for kicks). Hope you all have a lovely holiday season!


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