Great Cause, Great Books

Hi all!

I’m at the WotF workshop right now–having a blast, by the way–and I promise to post a full overview of the week when I get back.

Our instructors for the workshop are Tim Powers and David Farland/Wolverton.  Both have been fantastic so far.

Mr. Farland’s attendance has been especially appreciated, since he and his family very recently experienced a tragic hardship.  If you don’t know, his son, Ben, was severely injured in a snowboarding accident just a few days ago.  Besides broken limbs and bruised organs, Ben also suffered internal bleeding and brain damage.  He’s been in an induced coma at the hospital and still has not woken up.

Since there was nothing he could do for his son but wait, Mr. Farland decided to come teach our workshop.  I and the other winners really appreciate him being here.  It can’t be easy.

So, to give back to him in turn, we’re all participating in a book bomb.  We’re trying to get the word out about his books Nightingale (A YA novel he published last year to much acclaim), and Million Dollar Outlines (A non-fiction book on how he approaches plotting and the like)

Both can be found on Amazon (see links below).

The bills for Ben’s medical expenses are already high, and are estimated to continue to skyrocket.  The Farland family can use all the help they can get.

So, if you’d like to help out a deserving family and get a great book at the same time, please consider purchasing one of these books today.  Spreading the word would also be a tremendouse aid.


Million Dollar Outlines (2013 Edition):

Thanks everyone!


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