Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Sam Guay

This month’s Nightmare cover artist is Sam Guay. She does beautiful (and creepy) water-color work.

MJNL: One of my favorite pieces in your gallery is entitled “Oneironaut’s Box”—the blue and yellow palette is very alluring, and the figures present a lot of depth. What inspired this image, and how does the concept of “Oneironautics” (dream navigation) fit into its world?

SG: Somewhere in my vast collection of reference pictures I have these three images I took in a museum of an artifact that completely captivated me. Tucked away with the rest of the Arabic art was this curious metal box covered in all these little dials, knobs, and charts. The description said that it was used to divine the future by interpreting a pattern of dots produced by turning the dials. On this box is a poem, an excerpt reads: “I am the silent speaker . . . the judicious one hides his secret thoughts but I disclose them as if hearts were created as my parts.” How can you not be inspired by this instrument?

As for oneironautics, I’ve always been interested in dreams, and I taught myself how to lucid dream which has made for some wild experiences. The world that’s hinted at in this piece is still being developed, so I can’t give you a definitive answer, but you might be seeing more art about it in the future . . . and maybe even some stories.

To learn more about Sam, and to see a select gallery of her work (which does indeed include “Oneironaut’s Box”), click on the cover below.



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Writer and Illustrator of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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