Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Jeff Simpson

This month’s Nightmare cover artist is Jeff Simpson.  You may have seen his work in relation to Ubisoft Montreal’s Assassin’s Creed work, or when reading the very first issue of Nightmare, or while playing Magic: The Gathering.


MJNL: You’ve done a few illustrations for Magic: the Gathering, and your first card (Bloodcrazed Hoplite) was released in May. Are you a Magic fan? How did this job compare to others you’ve had? Were there any unexpected hurdles or pleasant surprises?

JS: I collected Magic cards as a kid/early teen . . . loved them. Eventually video games kinda took over, but all these years later even the smell opening a booster pack releases some pretty heavy nostalgia-packed dopamine. It’s a pretty fun job to do on the side. They seem a lot more specific now about what they want. Looking back on those old cards from the ’90s they seemed kinda all over the place in terms of styles. I guess it’s gotten so big that they had to rein in some consistency/world building or whatever. I kinda miss seeing those wacky-looking cards that totally didn’t fit in with the rest though; they were fun.

To learn more about Jeff, and to see a select gallery of his work, click on the cover below.










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