My Interview with Brom

This month over at Nightmare Magazine, I had the privilege of interviewing an artist whose work is indubitably creep-tastic.  Brom has made a lasting impression on both horror art and dark fantasy literature.  Here’s what he has to say about the winter holidays:

MJNL: Most people think of December as a time for happy holidays, but as the author of Krampus: The Yule Lord, you know there’s a dark side to the dead of winter. What is your favorite creepy winter myth and why?

Well, since I wrote an entire novel on dear old Krampus, he has to be my first choice. Hard not to love a figure that revels in putting naughty children in a sack and beating the snot out of them. In addition to his child minding, I enjoy his long history that extends far back to pagan times, long before Saint Nicholas came along and stole the holiday season from him. I love the idea of Krampus returning to reclaim Christmas, which is probably why it’s the premise of my novel.

MJNL: December is also a time for traditions. Do you have any unique winter or holiday traditions?

The family does take some pride in who can wear the ugliest Christmas sweater. Sorry, no pictures. Other than that the usual, y’know, putting coal in my kids’ stockings, eating figgy pudding, slaughtering a goat and offering its intestines to the mother goddess.

To read the rest of the interview, and to see a selection of Brom’s eerie work, click on the cover.


Happy reading!



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