Artist Showcase Interview with Johnny Dombrowski

Nightmare’s February cover artists is Johnny Dombrowski.  He works as the Art Handler at the Society of Illustrators in New York while also pursuing a freelance career.

Here’s a sample from the interview:

MJNL: Your website mentions your fascination with film noir, and I think its influence is readily visible in your art. What is it about this particular style of film that inspires you?

JD: The atmosphere. You can pick a shot at random from any film noir and it will be composed and lit beautifully. When the first stage of working is in black and white, stills from those movies are a wealth of inspiration. At the same time, loving the bold style of comics, I love the smoky feel noir gives off, so I’ve tried to put that in to my work. Starting with the flat colors, then building more depth and atmosphere within the image.

To learn more about Johnny and his work, click the cover!

nightmare 29



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