Nothing Important Happened Today

Essentially I’m posting to tell you I won’t be posting today.  I know, doesn’t make a lot of sense.  But I’ve been up late trying to get my current novel WIP done by my self-imposed deadline. I promise a full post next week–an ethics post, at that.   See you then! ~Marina P.S.  Bonus pointsContinue reading “Nothing Important Happened Today”

Absolute Visions Anthology

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Just a little release-oriented news today. Absolute Visions, the anthology in which my first published illustration appears, is now available for purchase! If you’d like to see my full illustration (I haven’t seen it yet, but what appears in the anthology is probably a cropped version) youContinue reading “Absolute Visions Anthology”

Please Keep Your Hands and Feet Inside the Cover

Ahhhhh!  Wednesday again?  Sheesh. Today we are going to discuss the mysterious case of the phantom arms. I’m in the middle of reading Endymion, the sequel to Dan Simmions’ Hyperion duo.  The cover art for all four books (Endymion is also a duo) was originally done by Gary Ruddell.  All four are attractive, but there’sContinue reading “Please Keep Your Hands and Feet Inside the Cover”

Need a Better Way to Edit?

Happy Wacky Wednesday.  If you’re like me, you have trouble performing organized edits on long pieces.  I tend to jump around a lot.  And I’m always afraid I’ll cut something important out of a dead scene and forget to put it back in somewhere else, or that I’ll make changes that create inconsistencies that willContinue reading “Need a Better Way to Edit?”

“Writerly” Much? Don’t be this Guy

For today I have a nice little anecdote about what it means to be a writer versus wanting to be “writerly.”  I’ve been sitting on this story for about nine months because I couldn’t quite figure out in what context I should present it.  Recently there was a thread on the Absolute Write forums that discussed theContinue reading ““Writerly” Much? Don’t be this Guy”

A Business Ethics Tie In: Reviews, Anyone?

If you frequent very many writing related websites or forums, you’ll know there’s been a bit of hubbub recently over reviews.  Mainly over writers and agents and publishers either responding to reviews inappropriately, or writing posts on how a reviewer should review, or stating how reviewers should feel responsible (read: guilty) for any direct impact theirContinue reading “A Business Ethics Tie In: Reviews, Anyone?”

How Twitter Can Make You Money

Or, alternatively, save you money.  Since signing up for Twitter about six months ago, I have won three hard-copy books, and been given and/or alerted to over a dozen free e-books.  Total value: approximately $70. I made seventy dollars just by following people and paying attention. Now, I would have said saved $70 if IContinue reading “How Twitter Can Make You Money”

Writers of the Future Q4: Finalists and Semis Announced

I’m so glad I can finally beak my silence. Of course, I’ve been dropping not-so-subtle hints here and there, but now I can say it outright: I’m a finalist again in the Writers of the Future contest! And though I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, I’d really like to win.  AndContinue reading “Writers of the Future Q4: Finalists and Semis Announced”

Next Year’s Goals

Being sick sucks. And I was sickest on Christmas. Bah.  Humbug.  But anywho… A quick, concise list of next year’s goals: *Write 2,000 words a week day or 10,000 words a week–even when editing and even when guests are over. *Finish current novel based on my 2010 WotF finalist story. *Finalize and submit MG novel.Continue reading “Next Year’s Goals”