Pre-Holiday Post

This is a pre-holiday post, because I don’t think I’ll be hanging around the blog-o-sphere come the 24th and 25th.  In my household we’re Christmas people.  Tree, lights, stockings, all the usual trappings.  It’s a celebratory time, but not a religious time.  But for other people, it’s different.  And that’s fascinating.  The end of theContinue reading “Pre-Holiday Post”

WotF: Helping the Next Generation Develop Thick Skin

Well, it’s that time again, when Writers of the Future hopefuls wait patiently for the Q4 results to be officially announced while polishing up their entries for Q1.  It’s the wrap-up of another volume and the beginning of a new one. Good by volume #28, hello #29. I can’t wait to see the list ofContinue reading “WotF: Helping the Next Generation Develop Thick Skin”

The Business Ethics of Writing and Publishing: Shilling

There are all sorts of articles available on how to publish (traditional and self), on why or why not to go a certain route, how to present yourself, how to produce a good product, how to get the attention of agents, publishers, reviewers, readers, etc. But you know what I’ve never seen?  An article aboutContinue reading “The Business Ethics of Writing and Publishing: Shilling”

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of us that live in the US, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  A time for family, food, and reflection. It’s good to remember that even when we think we’re in dire straights, there’s always something to appreciate.  A small kindness from a stranger, good weather, the fact that someone you love is doing well, etc.Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Overcoming Writer’s Block

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Must-Have-Post day! I have a lot going on this week, and will for the next two months, so my blog hasn’t been in the forefront of my thoughts. I was sitting around last night, trying to think of what topic to tackle today, and nothing came to mind. I hadContinue reading “Overcoming Writer’s Block”

I Have Work! (or, Spotlighting Differences Between Writers and Illustrators)

I have been commissioned to illustrate a story in an upcoming semi-pro anthology.  I won’t give any details at the moment, since I haven’t signed a contract yet, but I’m already through the concept art stage, have refined my line art, and any minute now should be starting on my shading. As I said, it’sContinue reading “I Have Work! (or, Spotlighting Differences Between Writers and Illustrators)”

Why Copyright Extends Long after You are Gone

I’m referring everyone I can to these two blog posts, because if you own intellectual property it’s important to know your rights. First, Copyright is People, a guest post by Michael Capobianco for Writer Beware™ blogs: Next is a post by Neil Gaiman, Important. And Pass It on…: In the second post thereContinue reading “Why Copyright Extends Long after You are Gone”

Happy Halloween 2011

I love costumes.  If it were socially acceptable to do so, I’d wear them out on a regular basis.  So, logically, I adore Halloween. Halloween comes early for me these days.  My husband’s office party is usually the Friday before the holiday, so everything I need is rearing to go by the time Halloween actuallyContinue reading “Happy Halloween 2011”


Good morning, Or afternoon or evening, depending on your current local. Wanted to pop in today to point out the brand-new blogroll over there to the left of the page.  If you haven’t encountered any of these writers or illustrators before I suggest you take the time to peek at their sites.  The blogroll, like this blog andContinue reading “Blogroll!”