WotF Q1 Results (Or, Wednesday Comes Early)

The finalists for Q1 of the Writers of the Future contest have finally been officially announced: http://www.prweb.com/releases/WritersofTheFuture/Finalists/prweb9619640.htm And guess what?  Go on, guess. I made finalist again! Yay! And my yay is immediately followed by the realization that I could still lose…again. There’s an epic battle going on inside me right now: Ego vs. Realism. Continue reading “WotF Q1 Results (Or, Wednesday Comes Early)”

Just a Quicky

Just a quick post.  I have no real news and nothing to talk about, but it’s Wednesday… So I gotta post something. So here’s Wednesday, brought to you by dictionary.com: Wednes·day   /ˈwɛnzdeɪ, -di/ [wenz-dey, -dee] noun the fourth day of the week, following Tuesday.   Origin: before 950; Middle English Wednesdai, Old English *Wēdnesdæg,  mutatedContinue reading “Just a Quicky”

We Lost One of the Good Ones

 It has recently been announced that author and coordinating judge for WotF, K.D. Wentworth, has passed away.  She was battling cancer, and died of complications.  Here is a link to where I first saw the news: http://www.sfsite.com/news/2012/04/19/obituary-k-d-wentworth/ She will be greatly missed.  Rest in peace, K.D. ~Marina

Nothing Important Happened Today

Essentially I’m posting to tell you I won’t be posting today.  I know, doesn’t make a lot of sense.  But I’ve been up late trying to get my current novel WIP done by my self-imposed deadline. I promise a full post next week–an ethics post, at that.   See you then! ~Marina P.S.  Bonus pointsContinue reading “Nothing Important Happened Today”

Overcoming Writer’s Block

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Must-Have-Post day! I have a lot going on this week, and will for the next two months, so my blog hasn’t been in the forefront of my thoughts. I was sitting around last night, trying to think of what topic to tackle today, and nothing came to mind. I hadContinue reading “Overcoming Writer’s Block”