Stories (by Me and Others) Eligible for Awards this Year

Hello all!  If you by any chance are nominating for either the Nebulas or Hugos, here is a list of my publications from 2014 that are awards-eligible (which excludes  reprints and shared-world stories). I’ve linked to the stories that are available on line. Best Short Story category: Elsa’s Spheres, sci-fi (IGMS) Imma Gonna Finish You Off, sci-fiContinue reading “Stories (by Me and Others) Eligible for Awards this Year”

Spec-Fic Editor News

Oh no, blog post, you snuck up on me this week. Luckily, the industry has given me two tasty links to pass along today.  We have editors a-changin’. First is the lovely Ann Vandermeer.  She has recently joined the team at Story here. Secondly–and this one I have mixed feelings about– Stanley Schmidt isContinue reading “Spec-Fic Editor News”