The #HugoAwards are Supposed to be Fun, Damn It!

I know I haven’t said anything about this year’s Hugo Awards on the blog.  There are reasons.  Reason number one being that I have work to do and there are plenty of more fervent voices chiming in already.  Reason number two is that I know people involved to various degrees and do not wish toContinue reading “The #HugoAwards are Supposed to be Fun, Damn It!”

Elsa’s Spheres out in IGMS Issue 37

I’m proud to announce that my story, “Elsa’s Spheres” is the cover story for Intergalactic Medicine Show’s 37th issue. The story was inspired by the stone spheres of Costa Rica, and my trip to Caño Island. Here’s an excerpt: They first noticed small Spheres near their feet, softball to basketball sized. Larger ones appeared asContinue reading “Elsa’s Spheres out in IGMS Issue 37”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone in the states has a happy and safe Thanksgiving tomorrow. Also, just as an aside, if you are an art lover and happen to pick up a copy of Spectrum 20 (now out!), take a special look at page 166. Eric Wilkerson’s wonderful illustration of my story, Sojourn for Ephah (IGMS issue 30),Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Sojourn for Ephah Up at OSC’s InterGalactic Medicine Show

Hello all, The story is up! And I’m extremely pleased, flattered, and surprised that it made the cover of issue 30. You can read Sojourn for Ephah here, or click here to go to the IGMS homepage. This is the beautiful cover art that accompanies it, created by Eric Wilkerson: Click on the image forContinue reading “Sojourn for Ephah Up at OSC’s InterGalactic Medicine Show”