A Debt Repaid and Sojourn for Ephah

A Debt Repaid (which was my contribution to Lightspeed’s Women Destroy Science Fiction issue) is now up for a quarter at QuarterReads. Also, did you know that Intergalactic Medicine Show posts its previous issue for free when the new issue comes out?  I didn’t!  I found out after  Sojourn for Ephah was reprinted in this special (alsoContinue reading “A Debt Repaid and Sojourn for Ephah”

Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Reiko Murakami

First, huge congrats to everyone at Lightspeed on their Hugo win! After lots of near-misses, it’s nice to see the magazine bring home an award. Over at Lightspeed’s sister magazine, Nightmare, My interview with Reiko Murakami (this month’s cover artist) has gone up! MJNL: A lot of your personal horror work seems to center aroundContinue reading “Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Reiko Murakami”

Balance and Debt: better than it sounds. New stories up today!

Two new stories are up today. One is my Women Destroy Sci-Fi flash piece, A Debt Repaid. Excerpt: When I signed up for Twin Life, I didn’t waste time imagining who I’d be attached to when the time came. All I knew is that I would die one day, and if I didn’t want itContinue reading “Balance and Debt: better than it sounds. New stories up today!”

Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!

Lightspeed Magazine’s special issue, Women Destroy Science Fiction, is here! The full issue is available from all the major retailers, and a portion will be going up free to read over the month. I’m very proud to be a contributor to this issue, and my flash piece, A Debt Repaid, is scheduled to be availableContinue reading “Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!”