Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Jeff Simpson

This month’s Nightmare cover artist is Jeff Simpson.  You may have seen his work in relation to Ubisoft Montreal’s Assassin’s Creed work, or when reading the very first issue of Nightmare, or while playing Magic: The Gathering.   MJNL: You’ve done a few illustrations for Magic: the Gathering, and your first card (Bloodcrazed Hoplite) wasContinue reading “Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Jeff Simpson”

Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!

Lightspeed Magazine’s special issue, Women Destroy Science Fiction, is here! The full issue is available from all the major retailers, and a portion will be going up free to read over the month. I’m very proud to be a contributor to this issue, and my flash piece, A Debt Repaid, is scheduled to be availableContinue reading “Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!”

Waylines Magazine Needs Your Help!

As you probably know, I am a first reader for Waylines Magazine. We’ve got a Kickstarter up for our second year, and would be grateful for any help you could give. Waylines is unique among speculative fiction magazines in that it is multi-media focused. Every issue brings you short stories, interviews, short films, and now,Continue reading “Waylines Magazine Needs Your Help!”

Penumbra Lost Issue Out Today

The April issue of Penumbra is out.  It contains my humor-flash piece entitled: Ol’ Soapy’s Revenge.  Here’s a sample: End-of-timers flocked to the streets, sure the anomaly would pass over the Earth and send us all to Hell.  Some said it was an alien creation meant to take us out before we could take themContinue reading “Penumbra Lost Issue Out Today”