It’s November!

Demon!Dean would like to remind you that Halloween is unfortunately over, so you should change all of your October handles back to their regularly scheduled dullness…or else. But luckily Castiel is here to welcome you to November, which is, of course, National Novel Writing Month. Woohoo! ~Marina

Nano’s End

Having completed not only my Nano word count, but also the first draft of my novel this past Monday, I am now on to editing–which I regret to inform you is my least favorite part of the creative process.  Not so much because it’s difficult, but because it’s when I start to notice that theContinue reading “Nano’s End”

Progress Tracking

The stats page on the NaNoWriMo website is a wonderful, addictive tool. It has unquestionably boosted my productivity, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Now I’m on the hunt for a similar progress tracking tool that I can use year round. The points I find most attractive about the NaNoWriMo page include: *The bar graphContinue reading “Progress Tracking”


I’m back! Hope everyone who took part had a very fun and safe Halloween!  Hello and thank you to all of my loyal, as well as new, visitors who kept my hits up while I was away. During my hiatus I took a bucket-list trip with my mother to Peru, prepared for the chaos thatContinue reading “NaNoWriMo”