Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Jeff Simpson

This month’s Nightmare cover artist is Jeff Simpson.  You may have seen his work in relation to Ubisoft Montreal’s Assassin’s Creed work, or when reading the very first issue of Nightmare, or while playing Magic: The Gathering.   MJNL: You’ve done a few illustrations for Magic: the Gathering, and your first card (Bloodcrazed Hoplite) wasContinue reading “Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Jeff Simpson”

Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Sam Guay

This month’s Nightmare cover artist is Sam Guay. She does beautiful (and creepy) water-color work. MJNL: One of my favorite pieces in your gallery is entitled “Oneironaut’s Box”—the blue and yellow palette is very alluring, and the figures present a lot of depth. What inspired this image, and how does the concept of “Oneironautics” (dreamContinue reading “Nightmare Artist Spotlight Interview: Sam Guay”