Published Works and Accolades

Below is a short list of selected publications. To see a complete list of my published work, click here.

    • Novels

Noumenon_comp3  NouemenonInfinity_revised small

NOUMENON August 2017, Harper Voyager, Voyager UK, Heyne

Order: B&N, Amazon

NOUMENON INFINITY, forthcoming 2018, Harper Voyager, Voyager UK

Preorder: B&N, Amazon

    • Short Fiction

Original Works:

Discard the Sun, for It has Failed Us, forthcoming in Uncanny Magazine

Stedman Farrah’s Illustrious Fall, forthcoming in the Avatars: ANA X-Prize anthology

Balance, (reprint) published November 2017, The Jim Baen Memorial Award: The First Decade

It’s Not a Purple People Eater, January 2017, Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

The Stem, published December 2016, Spark: A Creative Anthology

You Are Not a Metaphor, published August 2016, Flash Fiction Online

A Drop of Ink Preserved in Amber, published November 2015, Shimmer

Cyberplant, published September 2015, Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

MaryLin’s Special Brand of Magic, published August 14 2015, Daily Science Fiction

Imma Gonna Finish You Off, (audio reprint) published July 2015, EscapePod.

Lifeboat, published July 2015, Vitality Magazine

Comet Man, (Reprint) published April 2015, Flash Fiction Online

The Prayer Ladder, (Reprint) published March 2015, QuarterReads

Lenora of the Low, published December 2014, Fantasy for Good: A Charity Anthology

Rats Will Run, (Reprint) published October 2014, Buzzy Mag

A Debt Repaid, published June 2014, Lightspeed Magazine: Women Destroy Science Fiction

Sojourn For Ephah , (Reprint) published 2014, in the IGMS Big Book of SF Novelettes

Elsa’s Spheres, published January 2014, Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show issue 37.

Ol’ Soapy’s Revenge, published April 2013 in Penumbra’s ‘Lost’ issue.

Master Belladino’s Mask, published April 2013 in Writers of the Future Vol. 29.

Tie-In Works:

Hugs to Die For, co-written with Mike Resnick, May 2017 in Aliens: Bug Hunt from Titan Books

Song of the Sargasso, published November 2014 in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine (Sargasso Legacy Universe)

Dateline: Sesen, published January-April 2014, serialized in Star Citizen’s Spectrum Dispatch. Part one. Part two. Part three. Part four. Part five. Part six. Part seven. Part Eight. Part nine. Part ten. Part eleven.


*Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest 2015, Finalist, “The Asteroid Contention.”

*Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest 2014, Second place, “Balance.”

*InterGalactic Medicine Show Readers’ Choice Awards (for print year 2012), Second place, “Sojourn for Ephah.”

*Writers of the Future: 1st Quarter 2012, Winner, “Master Belladino’s Mask.”

*Writers of the Future: 4th Quarter 2011, Finalist, “Sojourn for Ephah.”

*Writers of the Future: 2nd Quarter 2010, Finalist, “Consider RKpyx.”

  • Non-Fiction

From Robby to Roomba: Robots, AI, and the Minds of Tomorrow, April 2017,, co-written with Nicky Drayden

What I learned about Conflict and Tension from Football, (Unlikely Influences series)

Artist Spotlight Interview: Brom, December 2014, Nightmare Magazine

Artist Spotlight Interview: Jeff Simpson, November 2014, Nightmare Magazine

Artist Spotlight Interview: Sam Guay, September 2014, Nightmare Magazine

Artist Spotlight Interview: Reiko Murakami, August 2014, Nightmare Magazine


8 thoughts on “Published Works and Accolades

  1. kkline922 says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Finished reading Master Belladino’s Mask. Superb story, interesting idea of time, gripping dichotomy of the wearer and worn, and nice tension. Look forward to more of your work.

  2. Tim says:

    Just wanted to say excellent work on the Dateline: Sesen serial for Star Citizen. When I saw it come through my RSS feed I admit at first I only gave it a passing glance, but once I read one, and then another, I started eagerly awaiting the next part in the series. Generally I read through my feeds quickly in the morning and don’t always pay a lot of attention to detail; when I saw another part of the story was waiting, though, I always set it aside for later so I would have time to read it properly.

    So yes, once again I just wanted to say I thought it was great, and since the byline of the last one lead me here I’ll likely check out some of your other works. If possible, I would highly encourage you to write for Star Citizen again.

  3. Ian says:

    Just finished Dateline: Sesen. Excellent serialisation and hope you write more for the Star Citizen universe.

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi Marina, just read your story “MaryLin’s Special Brand of Magic” and really enjoyed it. Do I detect some of you in MaryLin ?

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