Reddit AMA today! (Plus a YouTube surprise!)

Hello all! Hope your summer is going well and that you’re staying safe!

Today is the North American release day for NOUMENON ULTRA! It’s the third installment in the trilogy, and takes ICC and the convoy members on a new far-reaching adventure.

To celebrate, I’ll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on Reddit starting at 12pm EST.  I’ll edit this post with the link as soon as it’s live!  Come ask me about books, SFF, games, hobbies–whatever! Username: MarinaJLostetter

ETA: Click here to go to the AMA!

I’ve also started a YouTube channel.  Since I’m not able to go out and do readings in person right now, I thought I’d bring the readings to you–including a reading of Noumenon Ultra!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!


Published by Marina J. Lostetter

Writer and Illustrator of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

5 thoughts on “Reddit AMA today! (Plus a YouTube surprise!)

  1. Dear Marina,
    love the idea but saw your post too late – plus I’m not a Reddit user. I just shuffled through the thread and was happy to see that at least some people made good use of this unique opportunity.
    My copy of Noumenon Ultra is on its way and should arrive here 09/02/2020. I have a few days off after that – reading time! 🙂
    Keep up your fine work!
    Best regards,

      1. Marina,
        what a ride! I’ve finished reading NU a few days ago. And what a finish it is! It left me as happy as a reader can be.
        I’m hoping that you will make good use of the cliffhanger ending someday. The stage that you set with it makes me as curious about what might happen next as I was when I finished reading NI.
        I’m looking forward to whatever you will publish next. 🙂
        Best regards,

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