Best Submissions Week Ever!

Without any ado: I won second place in Writers of the Future!  I won’t be able to reply for a while, but if you leave a comment, thank you in advance!

And big congrats to Stephen Sottong who won third, and a major rip-roaring congrats to Tina Smith who ran away with first!

Here’s the blog post:

ETA: If you’d like to enter either the Writers of the Future contest, or the Illustrators of the future contest, please visit:


Published by Marina J. Lostetter

Writer and Illustrator of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

10 thoughts on “Best Submissions Week Ever!

  1. Congrats again Marina! This has been a long time coming for you and I’m honored to share the top three with you! I’m excited for the workshop already and can’t wait to see who joins us 🙂

    1. Thanks! And congrats to you too, of course (I feel like we’ll be congratulating each other all the way to the bank 😉 ). I’m also really excited to see who ends up in our “class of vol. 29.”

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