I’ve recently started a Patreon, where I’ll be sharing excerpts of upcoming work, reprints, writing advice, and exclusive new fiction! There will be public posts as well as tier-based subscription posts, so feel free to give my profile a free follow or upgrade to any one of the following teirs:

Ground Control: General support tier. Here to keep me down to Earth. You get excerpts from upcoming novels and my general updates, which will include adorable pictures of my cats and dog.

Space Cadet: You’ve left orbit and would now like some new discoveries, please. This tier gives you access to everything in the Ground Control tier, plus access to my posts on the craft of writing!

Astro Goblin: Now we’re getting somewhere. Out of orbit and amidst the stars are the Astro Goblins, on the lookout for a new read. This gives you access to everything available in Ground Control and Space Cadet, as well as reprints and new Patreon-exclusive story content, both stand alone short stories and serialized longer works. Expect the unexpected.

Great Galactic Dragon: The Great Galactic Dragons rule the stars, and my heart. You get everything in the three other tiers, as well a personalized hard copy of one of my books sent to you (signed and doodled in, with an inscription) once a year, for as long as you are a member of the tier (ie. 12 moths of membership = 1 personalized book). In addition, you’ll get your name in the acknowledgements of one of my upcoming books.

There are only 10 Great Galactic Dragon subscriptions available, and they’re already going fast, so make sure to slide in there asap if you’re after that personalized yearly book.

Hope to see you all over there at Happy reading!


Published by Marina J. Lostetter

Writer and Illustrator of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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